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Bryan Booth Fine Furniture Antiques & Restoration

Preserving History One Piece at a Time

Quality You Can see

At Bryan Booth Fine Furniture Antiques & Restoration we believe that the finest furnishings for the home already exist. The items we offer represent our collective history. People have used, lived with and cherished every piece. Our commitment is to bring a little of the past into the future while providing a pleasurable shopping experience. Honor your space, visit our showrooms and add an heirloom to your collection.

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Restoring back to Life

Bryan Booth has been restoring antique and fine furniture for over thirty years. He is classically trained in the art of french polishing, an ancient technique for finishing furniture. Our products are presented in excellent condition, as authentic as possible. The utmost care is applied when bringing these pieces back to a useable and aesthetically pleasing state.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Furnishings That Already Exist

When you enter our showrooms you will find home furnishings, decorating accessories, artwork, china and jewelry. Our large collection represents the many cultures present in Hawaii. We can work with any budget and we will help give your space a distinct character. Delivery is available islandwide and we ship to the outer islands or worldwide.

Environmentally Sound Products

The best furniture already exists. When you make a purchase at Bryan Booth Antiques & Restoration you are investing in the Hilo community. We acquire more than ninety percent of our products in Hilo, we restore it in Hilo and we sell it in Hilo. Our furniture was made some time ago. Life has happened around these items. The trees are gone but the furniture remains.

Take stewardship of this legacy and lessen your footprint!

Words From Bryan

Having grown up on Oahu during the 70’s I have always considered Hawai’i my home. Circumstances found me in Connecticut where I met my lovely wife Kathy and learned to restore while working with some of the finest furniture that exists.

There have been many incredibly talented teachers in my life, each adding to the recipe from which our store has emerged. How fortunate that I was able to bring some of their knowledge home in service to this community that we love so dearly and to the history that lies within.

Kathy is a first grade teacher in one of our public schools and our son, a child of the land, is at university in Manoa. Our roots grow deeper every day.

When we acquire a pice of furniture, more often than not it’s next stop is the trash. Applying the gifts bestowed upon me, we bring it back to a state of  function and beauty so that it can be enjoyed by this and future generations.

Please join us as we preserve history…

One piece at a time.!

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We invite you to come visit us at our Downtown Hilo Store. There are rooms full of wonderful pieces of to browse through. Our collection is constantly changing so you never know what you will find. We hope to see you soon!

Phone: (808) 933-2500

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